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At What Does Not, we want to make sure no person has to cut back on fun and belonging, venues can stay afloat with a steady stream of punters, and emerging artists can keep London music and club culture, vibrant. That’s why we’ve launched a pay-it-forward ticketing initiative to keep fun free for those who can’t afford it.

What is the pay-it-Forward initiative?

Individuals with more can help those with less – and donate money to cover the cost of a night out for someone who is struggling. So when you go to DICE to book our events, you’ll see additional ticketing tiers that are essentially contributions to a ‘Kindfulness’ pot.

You can choose to contribute 25%, 50%, or 100% of the cost of a General Admission ticket – as well as buying your own.

The money from these contributions goes into a pot of money that gets tallied up closer to each event. Once we figure out how many tickets that equates to, we offer these to our growing pool of people whose pockets have been hit

Who does it benefit?

Artists, musicians, and anyone who might not ordinarily go out due to feeling the squeeze – and needs to have some good ol’ fashioned fun. If that’s you, just fill out the form below.

Why should you get involved?

Pay-it-forward nights out can create connection and purpose, by giving an easy outlet for making a difference. And can help those struggling know they’re not alone, providing hope and optimism when things look bleak.

We also hope to turn kindness into a force to be reckoned with, and encourage more promoters to join us in this initiative to keep fun free throughout the cost of living crisis.

If you're a brand or a human that would like to get involved in this INITIATIVE, GET IN TOUCH

⇒ hey @ whatdoesnot.com

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Unused tickets

Booked tickets to an event but can’t make it? If you’d like to donate them to young people and community groups, who would otherwise be unable to attend the theatre or take part please let us know and we’ll distribute them.