Is What Does Not a recruitment agency?

Nope. We are a global collective of creatives, freelancers, activists and hustlers with transferable skills. Ultimately, we just want to collect and connect awesome people – bring them together under one roof. We are not promising jobs, but if something does come up, we may approach you to see if you want to work on a project. You would only deal with us/collaborate with other members and you can work from the comfort of your home, hammock, the beach – whatever floats your boat.


How do I join What Does Not?

Just fill in the little form on our site. Tell us your story… share some of your work, your Instagram account, or whatever you feel represents you as a person, professional, or creative individual. We will then get in touch with you for an informal virtual coffee/glass of wine (time zone dependent) and have a chat.


What kind of people should join What Does Not?

We’re interested in people from all walks of life – especially lateral thinkers and creatives, the Jacks or Janes-of-all-trades, and those that don’t conform to normalcy. We’re looking to connect with the talented ‘misfits’, gifted nonconformists, creative rebels and hustlers. We’re seeking those with raw talent, a variety of skillsets and stories to tell,  regardless of background, age, culture and/or work experience. 


I signed up to join the community. Now what?

Firstly, thank you for signing up. Secondly, now it’s our turn to come to you.
We’ll be in touch to set up a call/video chat so we can get to know each other better – we’ll tell you more about WDN and you can tell us anything you’d like us to know.
Our community is currently housed on a platform called Slack. It’s super easy to get to grips with.
Once you’re in, we’ll send you an invite to our space where you’ll officially be part of What Does Not. You can be as vocal or as quiet as you want. We’re not here to judge. Rest assured you are in safe hands with like-minded people.


Can I get paid work through What Does Not?

What Does Not is all about collaborations, and we cannot promise paid work. Should a commissioned project pop up, we’ll use the WDN community as our talent pool, and create a remote team to service the project. Project teams will vary based on the brief, and you’ll only be dealing directly with us. We’ll brief you on our process if and when the time comes.
In the meantime there are plenty of people in the community that could be working on cool projects who may need collaborators.


Can I work from anywhere and do I need to work in a specific way?

We don’t care where you work as long as you have WiFi. We don’t conform to the 9-to-5 but if you do join a project team, it’s important that we deliver stuff on time and hit all the deadlines – that’s what keeps clients coming back for more. And even though we like to think of ourselves as rebels, we still need to get sh*t done and get it done in a timely fashion.


If I do end up joining a commissioned project team, how much will I get paid?

Depending on what budget we are working with, we will agree on a day or fixed rate. As you can imagine most of the client work that comes in will have an attached budget. So, if we do reach out for you to join a project team we’ll ask you your day/hourly rate first to make sure that it’s within the budget we’ve been allocated.
If you’ve got availability, your rate works, and you’ve got the skills needed, then we’re good to go! If your rate is higher than what the budget can allocate, we’d love it if we could have a chat and work something out.
Once we’ve agreed to a day rate it would be with the understanding that it’s fixed and cannot change. There’s always the option of discussing fixed fees too – and it is with the understanding that once agreed, those cannot change either.


Can I work on other stuff while working on a WDN project?

Yep – we know you all need to make a living! If you do get to join a project team, we will discuss your other commitments and do our best to work around your schedule.


I’m working on a personal project – can I share it with the community?

We would love nothing more. You can also use the WDN community to brainstorm any ideas and get feedback on your work from the rest of the members. If you have a project that you need to enlist other people’s help with just drop us a line on [email protected]

Is it free to join the What Does Not community?

Yep, for now it’s absolutely free to join the community.


What are the benefits of joining the What Does Not community?

Aside from the amazing benefit of being around like-minded legends, we’ve got A LOT planned for our members. From perks, events and experiences, to projects and personal exposure – there’s a lot on our to do list.
Note: We’re always interested to hear what members have to say, but especially what they need. So if you’ve got suggestions, ideas or a potential partnership proposal you’d like to bring to the table, please get in touch for a chat.


I’ve got a client/potential client that could really benefit from working with What Does Not. Can I introduce them and turn them into a What Does Not client?

Absolutely. All you would need to do is drop us an email on [email protected] introducing the client, and we would take it from there!


I’ve got an event, community project, idea, etc. in mind. Can I bring it to the table?

Of course. That’s the whole point of What Does Not. The best thing to do would be to drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll be in touch for a productive pow wow.


I’m a brand and would like to talk to you about a project. What now?

That’s music to our ears and thank you for considering us! The best thing to do would be to email [email protected] and someone will be in touch for an initial chat.

If you have any more questions just email us on: [email protected]