While memes and movie franchises turn humans into content zombies, WDN exists to shape the beast called culture.

“Be more pirate”, that’s the advice we’re dishing out. And we don’t mean in a loot and pillage kind of way, but to live unshackled from fears, awkwardness, or confines.

Humanity, breaking convention, and supporting the unsupported – that’s our vibe. Because everything humans do is culture.

So, if humans were happy and healthy – wouldn’t our culture be too?




The most interesting people simply can’t be pigeonholed – it’s ridiculous to think that they can. 

Talent is a shapeshifter and genius can be hard to spot, if you’re not looking for it.

But game recognises game.

Unearthed greatness isn’t actually that hard to find, but when society is still hung up on status and clout, incredible people aren’t given a chance. 

That needs to change.


Unconventional minds tend to work in unconventional ways.

And when toxic convention needs to be challenged, we harness the power of “atypical” and “abnormal” – to make the impossible, possible.

A radical view? Not to us.

Wouldn’t it be great if all those with stories to tell, skills to flaunt, and ideas to float, could link up with each other to offer genius and innovation to the world?

Hence… What Does Not.


Great opportunities can be hard to come by when you can’t call in favours, or be born to money and influence.

Some of the greatest minds go unnoticed because human assessment is still stuck in the dark ages – an endless circle of archaic thinking. 

For us, it’s the quietest voices that often have the best things to say – people just have to become better listeners and take more chances on others.

And that’s what we’re about.


What Does Not is a culture agency and creative incubator, with a community at its core.

In short, we harness the power of humans to rewrite outdated narratives, and celebrate unorthodox thinking. 

We believe that cutting across all the silos and layers of society is the way to find true belonging and to light the creative spark that’s dormant in everyone.

Because the entirety of a person cannot be captured by the banal question ‘what do you do?’, a job and a moment in time.


We’re here to rewrite the rules and unleash a cultural revolution, human by human, using the power of connection. 

What if the shift was as simple as learning to listen, relate, and create together from a place of inspiration – instead of obligation? 

If we started speaking as a collective, the world would start paying attention.

In the world we’re birthing, weirdness is considered wonderful, the unexpected is celebrated, and cookie-cutter creativity just doesn’t cut it. 


Founded by Chief Troublemaker, Christine Charitonos – a lateral thinking, whisk(e)y drinker who hates bios and isn’t a fan of rules and restrictions.

She’s a hybrid creative, hustler, and multi-industry ninja – culture, and its importance, is her favorite topic of conversation.

Christine leads the charge, but WDN is not a one-woman show. 

It’s fuelled by an extended family of creative industry grandmasters and visionaries with more than a few war stories under their belts.


We are nothing without our community.

For us, being a Jack or Jane-of-all-trades is a badge of honour.

So, we’re collecting the most awesome creatures on the scene, regardless of location or background.

Because there’s nothing like the power of a diverse collective to drive change.