While memes and movie franchises turn humans into content zombies, WDN exists to shake humans and brands out of stupor and stagnation – to shape the beast called culture.

In a world where identity politics and cancel culture pit people against each other, finding common ground with people we thought we had nothing in common with is a revolutionary act.

Our premise: what if everything we did – every idea, every habit, every behavior made space for humans and brands to shift global culture out of self destruct mode?

On a MissioN to preserve & evolve humans & culture


What Does Not is an experience and culture agency with an incubator at its core.

We combine the functions of an events company, prep school, community, and creative agency.

It is an ecosystem of ecosystems for living a life with purpose, with genuine human connection at its core. To do that we harness the power of humans to rewrite outdated narratives, and celebrate unorthodox thinking. 

We believe that cutting across all the silos and layers of society, finding common ground, and shared values makes resilience more than a bounce back from setbacks. It turns it into the foundations of a better society – for humans and brands. 


We’re here to rewrite the rules and unleash a cultural revolution, human by human, using the power of connection. 

What if the shift was as simple as learning to listen, relate, and create together from a place of inspiration – instead of obligation? 

In the world we’re birthing, weirdness is considered wonderful, the unexpected is celebrated, and cookie-cutter creativity just doesn’t cut it. 


Founded by Chief Troublemaker, Christine Charitonos – a lateral thinking, whisk(e)y drinker who hates bios and isn’t a fan of rules and restrictions.

She’s a hybrid creative, hustler, and multi-industry ninja – culture, and its importance, is her favorite topic of conversation.

Christine leads the charge, but WDN is not a one-woman show: meet the team.

It’s also fuelled by an extended family of creative industry grandmasters and visionaries with more than a few war stories under their belts.


We are nothing without our community.

For us, being a Jack or Jane-of-all-trades is a badge of honour.

So, we’re collecting the most awesome creatures on the scene, regardless of location or background.

Because there’s nothing like the power of a diverse collective to drive change.