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In joining our tribe you join a collective of open-minded, curious individuals who don’t just consume culture. 

We discover, contribute, and evolve it. We don’t follow the crowd or the trends. We’re here to make connection and collaboration the new norm.

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We’re not doing this solo. It demands the bold backing of industry partners, the unapologetic passion of brand advocates, and the fierce support of WDN’s die-hard enthusiasts, all uniting to invest in the next generation of diverse creatives in ways that pack a punch.

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Everything you wanted to know about membership – with a bit about WDN

You mean, besides the glow up of joining a movement of cool kids and good humans changing the world for the better, from (almost) the start? Ridiculous optimism, hope for the future, and a welcoming environment where your ideas can come to life. Oh and in addition to early access to nights out that fill your soul, we welcome member ideas and magic them to life. 

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An all-female team of bad-ass industry veterans setting out to change the world by tearing down barriers to opportunity, connection, and purpose. A social mixology approach to entertainment creating the ‘Long Island iced tea’ of communities, with a genuinely diverse tribe of creators and changemakers. And our ability to ‘hey presto’ member ideas and projects into life. All proceeds fund our culture programming.

We are an all-female team, led and founded by multicultural, 3rd culture kids who’ve always seen the human behind the labels. We’ve always defied all categories and have grown up surrounded by others like us – so we can’t help having a human-centred lens on life.

We attract people aligned with our mission to disrupt society and culture, and bring together individuals from all walks of life – creatives, generalists, artists, dreamers, hustlers, freelancers, nomads, mavericks, bohemians – and ordinary folks. Anyone who doesn’t conform to normalcy, or for whom the current normal doesn’t sit quite right.

Like many great projects that were birthed in lockdown, What Does Not was hatched from Christine’s kitchen table in SW London as she finally had time to re-evaluate life. But this was no bolt from the blue. WDN had been quietly forming in her head through years of research, observation– and her desire to change the world.

Tam and Mary joined the fold, and now the terrific trio combined their many years in hospitality, film, events, top agencies, consulting, and digital, to develop the WDN secret sauce: an approach to curation that brings raw authenticity and cultural relevance to the way humans and brands interact with other humans. Both on- and offline.

Anyone, everyone. WDN was created to shatter barriers and catalyse human connection.

While everyone else rushes for answers, we take a beat to ask the right questions, so we can:

 Push the boundaries of entertainment and experiences – for humans and brands

 Tear down barriers to opportunity, and human connection

 Weave DEI into the DNA of everything we do and how brands spend budget

 Use culture as a driving force of change for corporates and consumers

If you were lucky enough to be there at the beginning, you automatically became part of the community. What started among friends, and grew through word of mouth, meant that the people who found us, resonated with our approach to disrupting the creator economy and entertainment. They became the OGs – and we helped a number of people within the community bring their projects and ideas to life.

While we’re all about tearing down barriers to connection and opportunity, now, as we grow, we have to put up a filter and make sure those who want to be part of the core tribe are there for the right reasons. So the small membership fee is a token of commitment to the cause, and a way to help us expand our ability to put on innovative events – and realise community concepts.

Your membership renews monthly until you decide to cancel it.

Who are we to stop you from accruing all that good karma? Of course! You can ‘Be a benefactor and make a larger, one-off contribution. Or if you’re really feeling generous, reach out to us to arrange a special payment.

Just drop us an email on hey[@]whatdoesnot[.]com or DM us on IG – and we’ll sort it out.

If you’re in a tight spot but still want to be part of the culturati and join the most inclusive, co-creative, clique of changemakers, get in touch. We’ll figure something out.