Wisdom that’s passed down is the best kind of wisdom.

We take chances on those that others won’t – the genius in the rough, the unfinished articles, the raw talents.

Whether you’re just starting your career journey, or want to explore a new calling, our prep school for adults will get you that bit closer to your personal summit. 

The Wdn academy : Courses

‘From Seed to Sensation’: Becoming a sustainable food influencer

Welcome to the ultimate course, curated for food influencers who are already slaying the game or those who are hungry to break into it. We’re here to help you dominate the creator economy and leave a righteous mark.

This self-guided adventure, amped up with weekly face-to-face powwows, will arm you with the mad skills and knowledge to ride the food influencer wave with style and substance.

Ink It Right: The Rebel's Guide to Persuasion

Step into the arena with our all-inclusive course, built for both seasoned scribes and aspiring wordsmiths hungry to thrive and change the game.

This self-propelled program, jazzed up with weekly in-person jams, will arm you with the knowledge and skills to conquer the copywriting realm with style and purpose.

Events with Purpose: A Holistic Approach

Get ready to dive into the epic journey – a hardcore course custom-made for the event producers who are set on dominating the events scene and making a positive dent.

This self-guided program, spiced up with weekly in-person showdowns, will arm you with the knowledge and skills to conquer the events universe with flair and effectiveness


Designed for everyone from graduates to career-changers, BASECAMP equips you with the soft skills to stand out. 

Sure, you’ll learn the hard skills too, by doing (aka working on real projects, in real-time) – it’s this interpersonal lubricant that seals deals and propels you forward.

Think of this as a non-corporate, uber-creative, and alternative welcome to the creative industries.

We focus on things like the art of listening, creative problem solving, knowing how to discuss and disagree, adapting, and communicating with purpose. All the things assumed or taken for granted in conventional work environments.

Designed to bridge the gap between studies or downtime and the professional world, BASECAMP gives you the toolkit to build confidence, resilience, and skillsets – for free.




You’re never too young to change the world.