What Does Not NOISE is an emerging music showcase meets curated open jam bringing marginalised music culture back into the heart of London. In a city where rising costs and closure of venues has been pushing authentic music into the ends, we’re holding the door open for grassroots culture in Zone 1.

The NOISE takes our secret sauce for curation and vibes and applies it liberally to the nightlife and music scene. With What Does Not NOISE, we’re setting out to:

  • Tear down barriers to opportunity and give emerging music talent a platform to shine in front of the right people 
  • Keep grassroots music culture alive in Zone 1
  • Provide the music industry with a constant supply of incredible talent
  • Make sure Londoners don’t have to cut back on fun throughout the cost of living crisis, with a lot of party for your pound.
  • Expose event-goers to new sounds, and help them cultivate a mindset of curiosity and openness
What makes the NOISE unique?

Each NOISE invites music subcultures from across the city to take the stage in a curated lineup of emerging underground talent. We scour the scene of different genres to find the gems amid a sea of mediocrity, to bring you the noise you need to hear – at your doorstep, in the heart of London.

And because human connection is at the heart of What Does Not, we apply our social mixology approach to also curate the people in the room. A night at the NOISE means friendship, adventure, and opportunity are always within reach. Who said curing loneliness had to be boring? What Does Not NOISE is the latest in our program series to bring edge to forging genuine human connection – and support emerging creators while we’re at it. 

What to expect
NOISE showcases the best up-and-coming talent from across the city and partners with emerging music communities to bring the sounds of the underground to the heart of London – an area where gentrification has all but endangered authentic grassroots culture. Part industry night, part showcase, part community jam, What Does Not NOISE holds the door open for undiscovered talent and is a game changer for the music industry. At the same time, it’s the answer to the prayers of audiences tired of listening to big names become tribute bands of themselves.

NOISEs are a blend of talent showcase and curated open jam done in collaboration with members of underground communities. In this way, we dive deeper into their tribe and their sound. And can cast the talent net wider to bring an even deeper selection of future stars to a stage near you – while giving more deserving people access to opportunities. 

With so many elements to the curation, each NOISE truly is a moment in time that cannot be replicated.


In the world What Does Not is creating there is no price tag on joy, pleasure, and belonging. Our society seems to have forgotten that quality of life is a birthright. Not a privilege. So releasing free tickets to RAWs has always been a form of revolution for us – not an indication of something thrown together. In fact, no two RAWs are ever the same. They are highly curated and tailored to the host space. So you see, if we’re going to kick the status quo’s ass and tear down barriers to access, a pay-what-you-can ticketing model feels like the only way.

We know that ticket price is a huge barrier for some, so the pay-what-you-can model offers people who can afford to buy a ticket the chance to support others who can’t. Audiences can also support What Does Not at the price level most appropriate for them. Our highest priced tickets offset our free priced tickets and ensure RAW is a vibrant and diverse event that’s accessible to those with varied socio-economic circumstances.

We are completely independent and boot-strapped to preserve the intention and integrity of the event.

Wanna perform at the next WDN NOISE?

We'd love to hear from you - DM, email, or Whatsapp.