What Does Not NOISE is a platform for emerging creators, giving them a leg up in a city where money and connections are often the only way to get ahead.

The concept? Secret concert meets club night, bringing spontaneity and human connection back to London. Three live music acts and three DJ sets by talent emerging from the underground scene bring the edge needed to cure loneliness in a big city.

Our challenge? To be curious and spontaneous when discovering new music. 

Spontaneity and curiosity will be your icebreakers in a room full of strangers. These parties rally mindful hedonists from all walks of life to get lost in the music, genuinely connect with like-minded humans and be part of a cultural moment in time that can never be replicated.

What Does Not NOISE is the latest event series focused on human connection and emerging creators by culture agency and creative incubator What Does Not (WDN), who are now expanding their events series beyond Soho House. Top of our agenda: eradicating loneliness to create purpose, meaning, and opportunity for anyone dissatisfied with the status quo of emptiness and disconnection.

(Note: What Does Not NOISE is an event series that takes place every 4-6 weeks)



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