Music meets mental health

Music has long been known to have a powerful effect on the human mind and body. From lifting our mood to helping us relax, music has the ability to transform our mental state in countless ways. But just how beneficial is music for our mental health? Music Meets The Mind According to a study conducted […]


What Does Not POV wants to talk about all the things others won’t. These discussion panels with a difference are the latest immersive event series from What Does Not. Join us as we dive deep into the discourse around topics raised at our What Does Not RAW storytelling nights. (Note: What Does Not POV is […]


AN INCUBATOR FOR THE MUSIC STARS OF THE FUTURE MEETS GREAT NIGHT OUT What Does Not NOISE is an underground concert meets club night in one of London’s most historic music districts, and exciting culture venues – The Lower Third by the Outernet. The NOISE takes our secret sauce for curation and vibes and applies […]


Mind Made Manifest: A What Does Not RAW Exhibition What births creative genius? Aristotle said, ‘No great mind ever existed without a touch of madness’. And this exhibit makes this abundantly clear. From painting to acting, writing, dance, and songwriting, the pain of human experience is often what drives people to create – as a […]

“The Visibility Cloak”: A WDN Campaign

This campaign kicks off on World Mental Health Day. But we don’t want it to end there. When it comes to Mental Health, people can’t always believe what they can’t see so we decided to launch the Visibility Cloak. Coz F*CK being invisible, and struggling alone.  How does it work? Below are 10 Truths & Ways […]

Men’s anxiety, why it matters, and what is needed to limit its risk for male suicide

This article was first published on Springer Link by  Krista Fisher and others under the Creative Commons License. The article has been edited to remove references. Despite being the most prevalent mental health disorder experienced by men, anxiety has been overlooked in mental health scholarship. Anxiety is often the first mental health disorder young men experience, and if left […]

Galleries continue to erase women artists in their blockbuster exhibitions

This article was first published on The Conversation by Eliza Goodpasture under the Creative Commons License. The National Gallery recently announced its summer 2023 exhibition, After Impressionism, claiming the show will celebrate the “towering achievements of Cezanne, Van Gogh, Gaugin and Rodin” among others. The response on social media to this announcement was largely, “where are the women?” Some […]

The pain of prolonged grief disorder

Psychologists are beginning to understand that for some people, intense and sustained feelings of loss are symptoms of a serious condition — one that can last for years and erode wellbeing This article was first published on Knowable Magazine by Alison McCook and others under the Creative Commons License. The article has been edited to […]

Learning by Doing: it pays to get your hands dirty from day one.

It would be fair to say that at What Does Not, we’re anti-vanilla. We’re interested in the individuals and experiences that shake up the monotony so many professionals settle for, and we want to be part of the action. That’s why, despite the fact that there are multiple ways to gain knowledge, we have our […]


This, That & The Other What Does Not RAW features stories of resilience, strength, and overcoming the sh*t life throws at you. The event series is designed to tear down preconceived notions preventing true connection and opportunity. And bring the cool, edge, and belonging needed for navigating this age of uncertainty and change. Themes are […]