This, That & The Other


What Does Not RAW features stories of resilience, strength, and overcoming the sh*t life throws at you. The event series is designed to tear down preconceived notions preventing true connection and opportunity. And bring the cool, edge, and belonging needed for navigating this age of uncertainty and change.

Themes are hard-hitting, sensitive topics 

They vary from resilience, courage, acceptance, deviance, mind, bodies, compliments & conflicts and desire. And we’re just getting started. Get set as we explore the full gamut of human experience – and bring together people from all walks of society to celebrate the power and nuance of that theme.

Expect storytelling paired with music and art around the chosen theme

This is the cure to loneliness, on a plate. In this way, your average night masquerades as changemaking. Our intention with the RAWs has always been to move the dial on the status quo of loneliness and a culture of fear and disconnection.  

Named after the famous aphorism by Nietzsche, ‘What does not kill us, makes us stronger’, (a mindset proven by science to be essential for success in life and business), we’re kneading together the most brilliant and marginalized minds to create a starter culture of badasses and hustlers who can kickstart the social fermentation process needed for real change.

Let’s get real about what it means to be human

People have bonded over stories since prehistory and the harnessing of fire. Join us as we bring human connection into the 21st century with this night of curated, immersive storytelling.  



“I’m all about un-censoring stories and finding new ways to express ourselves. Everything that WDN stands for resonates with me and is something that is so close to my heart.
I’m excited to be part of this and to feel safe and welcome to be able to tell my truth.”
“WDN means to me RAW honesty - it means defining who you are in a safe space, and being able to own that, speak on it and feel empowered. It was the first place I got to own a story that was of such poignant significance in my life -  it has been so meaningful in that respect and it’s changed my ethos.”
“What Does Not represents to me: freedom, empowerment, change, liberation - all the good things everyone’s striving for. And this community vibe, where we all come to tell stories and learn that everyone’s got their own narrative - we need to respect this.”
“Being a creative can be quite a lonely place, especially when you’re doing solo work, to come across somewhere like What Does Not - a creative community and incubator, a place to meet other creatives doing creative stuff is amazing.”

Wanna tell your story or exhibit your work at the next WDN RAW?

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